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The Case File

The Case File

The Case File is a comprehensive take-it-with-you case management system  written by investigators for investigators.  It's designed to go everywhere you go and cover every aspect of a case from client / job intake, through a complete investigation, to final adjudication.  

Used by private investigators, attorneys, paralegals, law enforcement detectives, and investigative journalists for years, The Case File has become an industry standard for both in-the-field and in-the-office investigative case management.

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The Attorney 
Case File

Case Management for Today's Law Office

The Attorney Case File offers full flexibility and incredible detail for handling most any type case your office handles.  It provides equal attention and focus to civil or criminal, family or corporate, tax or tort, plaintiff or defendant, court or office, and is indispensable for case management at any level of expertise, and in any size office.

The primary goal of the Attorney Case File is to make your law office or legal service everything it can be and to make you more successful in the process.  

Disaster Prep 101

Disaster Prep 101 is an unrivaled how-to training manual on disaster preparedness with an extensive two-DVD library (containing over 1,500 additional books and manuals) that sets a new standard in family readiness.  In fact, we've become one of the most widely used encyclopedias for both emergency management and preppers across the country.